Framing Options

In my print shop you can choose between various high-quality wooden framing options that I’ve selected to present the image in the best possible way and to protect the print. Of course framing is always a matter of personal taste and there are countless ways to frame a print. If you are looking for custom framing options, that are not listed in my shop, just get in touch with me and we will figure something out. Or you can just order the unframed print and frame it yourself locally. 

I offer a selection of wooden frames made out of maple, oak or walnut hand-made by the excellent framing studio Halbe Rahmen in Germany. Their frames are extremely robust, come with embossed steel angles and can be hung easily and securely to every wall. Every frame can be opened and closed effortlessly from the front due to its clever magnetic opening mechanism.

The frames are 29 mm deep and are 13 mm (small prints), 17 mm (medium prints) or 21 mm (large prints) thick. Medium and large frames come with a 3 mm thick, anti-glare, UV protected Mirogard Plus glass to protect your print and prevent yellowing of the paper. The glass enhances the brightness, contrast levels and color of the artwork as a result of the optical coating combined with superior quality.

The framing options in my shop will include a 3 mm thick (medium/large prints) or 1.5 mm thick (small prints) white passepartout. The frame itself will be larger than the print, approx. 10 cm (medium/large prints) or approx. 5 cm (small prints) on each side. 

If you are looking for custom framing options for your print (e.g. without a mat), please contact me directly.


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