About Monophil

Monophil is the project of Philipp Apler, a photographer and visual artist from Germany. He specializes in monochrome fine art architectural and landscape photography. All images on this website are created and owned by him.

Philipp is photographing since his teenager years. What started as a hobby has since then turned into a serious passion, which ultimately resulted in the launch of Monophil in 2020. You can see and follow his creative output on Behance, Instagram, Facebook or 500px.

Philipp was born 1986 in Halle (Saale). After graduating with a Bachelor in Media Technology, he relocated to Berlin where he started his career as a graphic designer and web developer, mostly focusing on branding and UI/UX projects and working for and with Berlin-based agencies, startups and later on as a full-time freelancer. In 2019, he co-founded the influencer marketing platform gheed.com. You can find his design works on philippapler.com.


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